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Hire of Purchase

A showcase of some of our client and corporate work is shown opposite. We have supplied ranges for  Charles Dickens House  in London, Lulworth Castle and the TV show such as Snowdonia 1890, BBC series 3 of Peaky Blinders! (image copyright of BBC), 'To Walk Invisible' The Bronte Sisters December 2016. Peaky blinders series four and Turner House (image copyright of Mike Paterson London Historians BLOG you can read more here). London. We supplied and fitted a range for the set of forthcoming film 'The Little Stranger'. We have supplied a range for the forthcoming BBC TV starring Suranne Jones, Gentlemen Jack due to be aired later in 2018.

Contact us for a quotation for hire or purchase, we can deliver and set up according to our schedule.


Antique Range fitted at Lulworth Castle
Charles Dickens Museum, London Supplied & Fitted
BBC TV Snowdonia 1890 2 Ranges supplied
Range Supplied & Fitted for Client, London
Swantan Cottage Range Supplied & Fitted
Antique Range fitted in Sweden
Range supplied & fitted on set of Peaky Blinder Series 3 (picture copyright BBC)
Range Supplied for the set of Peaky Blinders BBC TV Series 3
(copyright Antique Fireplaces & Ranges 2016)
To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters 2016 Set Range Provided plus 2 fireplaces
Photo copyright of London Historians BLOG M Paterson
Still from The Little Stranger
Copyright of Focus Features for Film 4